JAZZIZ Exclusive: Listen to Ricardo Silveira’s track from Jason Miles’ new album

Producer, keyboardist, and composer Jason Miles released his new album Kind of New 2: Blue is Paris on May 12 on Lightyear Entertainment.

The album features ten different versions of Miles’ composition “Blue is Paris,” which he wrote after visiting Paris shortly after the 2015 terror attacks. It is also a tribute to the spirit of trumpeter Miles Davis: “Miles affected a paradigm change by continuing to reinvent ‘jazz’ time after time,” says Miles in a press release. “I’m trying to reinvent the possibilities that exist within a single composition, by allowing different feature soloists to each create his own impression. And that is exactly what Miles [Davis] stood for…great possibilities.”

Kind of New 2: Blue is Paris is a follow-up to his 2015 collaboration with trumpeter Ingrid Jensen, Kind of New. On his new album, Miles worked with four different trumpeters: Russell Gunn, Theo Croker, Patches Stewart, and Jukka Eskola. In addition to their interpretation of “Blue is Paris,” along with Miles’ own version, Kind of New 2 features performances by guitarist Ricardo Silveira, saxophonist Jeff Coffin, vocalist Maya Azucena, and Ricky Key on various Indian instruments.

Listen to Silveira’s version of “Blue is Paris” below:

“What makes each track different is the concept of what melodic content these very different artists each came up with, what they each heard in order to bring their own musical personalities into their tracks,” says Miles. “Once they sent me their performances, I got very inspired to create a musical environment  for each track that was true to the song but still distinctive in its own right.”

For more information, go to www.jasonmilesmusic.com.

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