JAZZIZ Not What You Think: Greg Satell

Jazz innovators don’t operate in a void. Louis Armstrong had his Hot Fives and Sevens. Miles Davis had his Great Quintets. Duke had his orchestra. Art Blakey had his Messengers. The point: great innovators are networked. They’re connected by tight clusters of other people who impart knowledge and skills, allowing for a faster, more efficient exchange of ideas.

Innovation is a topic author Greg Satell knows well. In fact, it’s the subject of his recent book, Mapping Innovation, which was selected as one of the best business books of 2017. He’s quick to liken innovation to the music-making process, but suggests that it happens “much more like a jazz ensemble than an orchestra.” In this episode of JAZZIZ Not What You Think, Greg joins JAZZIZ publisher Michael Fagien to discuss how networks are indispensable to business, technology, medicine and, yes, even music. What might come to mind after listening is that jazz might be the square peg music in a round hole world, and while Greg and Michael don’t talk much about jazz, you’ll find what he has to say very interesting and how it applies to other parts of your work and personal life.

NOTE: Since this podcast talking about his book, Mapping Innovation, Greg Satell has written his second book, Cascades.

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