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JAZZIZ Exclusive: BANDA MAGDA – “Tam Tam” video premiere

JAZZIZ Exclusive: Banda Magda - "Tam Tam" video premiere

World-jazz collective Banda Magda will release their third album, Tigre, on September 15 on Verve Label Group/GroundUP Music. The band is led by composer, arranger, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Magda Giannikou, who has toured with and is in the Snarky Puppy family. Giannikou came up with the concept for the video for “Tam Tam,” the new single by Banda Magda. She also styled the video, giving each musician involved (including Michael League and other Snarky Puppy members) his or her own “moving portraits.”

Watch the video of Banda Magda’s “Tam Tam” below:

According to an official press release, the message of Tigre is that we all have fears and everyone has something that they need to overcome and that we all need to draw on our own courage to contribute, personally, and as a community. “I feel like now, more than ever, the world needs us to be lights,” says Giannikou. “My message to youth is that everyone is by definition – unique. We should never be afraid of being ourselves.”

Each song on Tigre has a distinctive soundscape that tells a different tale of courage. The rich soundscape of this album sees luxuriant string sections of brass, hammered dulcimers, and tubular bells, meeting maracatu and forró rhythms, while Giannikou sings her tales in many languages: French, Greek, Spanish, or Portuguese. To her, the fact that the sound of Banda Magda is getting harder to categorize makes perfect sense, as “globalization has transformed our sense of belonging from a solid color to a mosaic. I am all about that.”

“Tigre is a vessel of many things: the need to share my own fears to my fans, the work that we do as a band melding global music traditions, my passion for string-writing, my duty as an artist to be involved in education and local communities,” reflects Giannikou. “Strong communities, where many voices are raised and heard, help us all. They can allow us all to make our biggest dream the compass of our everyday lives.”

For more information, go to https://www.bandamagda.com/

JAZZIZ Exclusive: Banda Magda - "Tam Tam" video premiere


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