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JAZZIZ Release Licensing and Credits Agreement

With respect to all performances (“performance”) offered to JAZZIZ by you for inclusion in various presentations of the JAZZIZ “program”, specified on the Artist Release Form, that performance will accompany either the printed, online, digital or mobile version of JAZZIZ, you warrant and represent that you have the right to license the performance to JAZZIZ, the necessary approvals and clearances have been obtained and that no payment will be due to you or the applicable artist or any person featured in the performance or any creator of the performance or any owner of the material in the performance, including, without limitation, music publishers, musicians, vocalists, unions or guilds, and that use of the performance will not violate the rights of any third party.

For the JAZZIZ program, JAZZIZ will make reasonable efforts—on its physical CD compilation, vinyl LP compilation and/or pages in the print or online (digital, video or mobile) magazine—to post copyright notices and other information that you provide in the “Artist Release Form” and/or as may be mutually agreed upon. This would include streams from the JAZZIZ website, on mobile and/or Digital Editions, in connection with the promotion of your album or performance. JAZZIZ will have the right to utilize the track/performance that you provide and identified in the Artist Release Form in good faith in exchange for value of the promotion in presenting your music to its readers, worldwide, to promote the performance in its program to JAZZIZ readers for no less than a period of five (5) years and to promote and distribute the performance at its discretion.

To participate, you shall fill out and sign the bottom of this form and the Artist Release Form on the following page for each performance you submit to be included in the JAZZIZ program, and you shall include any necessary technical specifications, materials or files for the performance to be furnished to us in order to meet JAZZIZ production schedule.

JAZZIZ shall have the right to use your company name and logo (provided by your company), the names, likenesses and biographical material of the artists, the performance and video footage for advertising and promotional purposes in connection with the program, including, without limitation, in any magazines, telemarketing, direct mail, catalogs, festivals, concerts or online marketing programs which JAZZIZ may promote in connection with the program.

JAZZIZ will indemnify you against all claims relating to our manufacturing, distribution, and advertising of the program, other than those items for which you are responsible. Once having supplied us with a performance, the rights and obligations of both parties mentioned here will apply.

If the foregoing is in accordance with your understanding, please so indicate by signing below.
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