Tales From the Dreaming City

“I Wonder How Many Miles I’ve Fallen”


While a number of musical innovators influenced British guitarist Mark Wingfield, Jimi Hendrix remains a touchstone. Echoes of Hendrix continue to inform Wingfield’s playing, even as he absorbed the influences of guitar heroes such as John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth and Terje Rypdal, to name a few. The raw expression of Hendrix’s sonic soundscapes can be heard and felt in Wingfield’s music, as he utilizes a variety of techniques — as opposed to relying overmuch on effects — to wring drama and emotion from his instrument. On his 2018 release Tales From the Dreaming City (MoonJune), the guitarist deftly crafts a series of instrumental narratives alongside trio mates Yaron Stavi and Asaf Sirkis, as well as guest synthesizer artist Dominique Vantomme. Included here, “I Wonder How Many Miles I’ve Fallen” maintains a somber, menacing tone, with Wingfield’s textured lines shadowed by the heavy footfalls of Stavi and Sirkis. The meandering melody travels down shadowy sidestreets, as Stavi’s fretless bass guitar ventures out front for a spell. Wingfield again takes point, his tremolo-laden strings evincing the unease of trodding unfamiliar terrain, while Sirkis’ unrelenting, unrushed backbeat ups the anxiety.

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