Herbie Hancock to teach his first ever online class

Pianist and composer Herbie Hancock will teach his first ever online class exclusively with the online education platform MasterClass this Fall.

In his class, Hancock will teach his approach to music and how this translates into life philosophy. From his mentorship with trumpeter Miles Davis through his genre-bending work as a bandleader and solo artist, Hancock will share stories from a life of music and deliver expert technical lessons for professional and amateur pianists, musicians, jazz performers, composers across all genres, lovers of music, and jazz aficionados.

“Miles Davis taught me a lesson I’ll never forget: in jazz, there are no mistakes. Every note you play is an opportunity to take your music further. That idea opened my ears to worlds of musical possibilities,” says Hancock in an official statement. “In my class, I will share those ideas and help you discover your sound. Through your lessons in harmony, rhythm, composition, and improvisation, I will show you how to write and perform with freedom.”

Hancock’s class is available now for pre-enrollment at www.masterclass.com/hh. For more information, watch the trailer below:

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