Interesting Times



On his latest release, Interesting Times (Buckyball), Swiss-born vibraphonist and composer Marc Wagnon explores themes that involve his interests in science and history. Something of an autodidact, Wagnon became fascinated with astronomy, actually built a couple of telescopes, and recently became a “Solar System Ambassador” for NASA. So perhaps it’s unsurprising that he’d take inspiration from space travel, specifically the Voyager spacecrafts that ventured beyond the outer boundary of the region surrounding the sun, which he celebrates on his tune “Heliopause,” our selection. Wagnon’s vibes sparkle and chime as drummer John O’Reilly Jr., bassist Jonathan Price and guitarist Van Manakas maintain a swift momentum. Trombonist Kevin Moehringer and Maria Grand provide stellar solos and ensemble work, setting the stage for Wagnon’s own lively mallet attack, and the whole piece exudes a shimmering excitement.

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