Fusion Power Playlist

Fusion. In scientific terms, it’s the merging of atomic nuclei, a process that results in a massive release of energy. Fusion is what powers the sun.

Jazz fusion packs plenty of heat, too, but of a decidedly more musical sort. The genre emerged in the late ’60s and early ’70s as a mish-mash of contemporary styles — blues, rock, hip-hop, disco, world music, even punk — and has since taken on a life of its own, attracting artists from across the stylistic spectrum into its swirling, electrified orbit. That’s why, on our Fusion Power playlist, you’ll find artists ranging from Stanley Clarke to Stevie Wonder, Kittyhawk to Carlos Santana.

Sunglasses on, folks. It’s about to get bright in here.

Listen on:

  1. The Necessary Blonde
    Tribal Tech
    Tribal Tech
  2. Don’t Tell Me
    Wayne Krantz
    The Enja Heritage Collection: Signals
  3. So You Say
    John Scofield
    Blue Matter
  4. The Way Up: Part Three
    Pat Metheny Group
    The Way Up
  5. Medieval Overture
    Return to Forever
    Romantic Warrior
  6. Take It Off The Top
    Dixie Dregs
    What If
  7. Man in the Moon
    Mirage a Trois
  8. Palladium
    Weather Report
    Heavy Weather
  9. Bells of Talieson
    Race for the Oasis
  10. Hell’s Bells
    Bill Bruford
    Master Strokes 1978-1985
  11. Pastorale 
    Bill Meyers, Michael Landau
  12. Be Happy
    Mahavishnu Orchestra
    Visions of the Emerald Beyond
  13. Life Is Just a Game
    Stanley Clarke
    School Days
  14. Slightly All the Time
    Soft Machine
  15. Race With Devil on Spanish Highway
    Al Di Meola
    Elegant Gypsy
  16. Adam Smasher
    Larry Coryell
    Introducing the Eleventh House
  17. Sunburst
    Eddie Henderson
  18. Sponge
    Brecker Brothers
    Heavy Metal Be-Bop
  19. Contusion
    Stevie Wonder
    Songs in the Key of Life
  20. A Love Supreme
    Carlos Santana and the Mahavishnu Orchestra
    Love Devotion Surrender
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