Featured Song: Troy Roberts’ Nu-Jive, “Funkafarian”

Saxophonist Troy Roberts has performed and collaborated with some of the world’s top music artists. In 2009, he formed NU-JIVE and the band has since become a major vehicle for his creative expression and compositional prowess. NU-JIVE is described as the convening of five soulful musicians, taking the listeners on a creative journey. Its lineup includes guitarist Tim Jago, pianist/keyboardist Silvano Monasterios, bassist Eric England and drummer David Chiverton. The title of their upcoming fourth album, Nu Jive: Nations United, refers to the fact that all members come from different corners of the globe and this fact is reflected in its music’s diverse range of influences, representing each player’s cultural roots. Listen to its opening track, “Funkafarian,” via the player below.

From through-composed pieces to group improvisations, Nu Jive: Nations United also testifies to the amazing chemistry shared among all five musicians, kicking off in a big way with “Funkafarian.” A fine showcase of Roberts’ unique fusion of funk and modern jazz, the piece is driven by a George Clinton-esque deep groove, whilst incorporating elements of Rastafari-inspired reggae and contemporary gospel. Nu Jive: Nations United is due out June 6 via Toy Robot Music.

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