AXPONA Jazz Playlist

Greetings from JAZZIZ!

Our 35th Anniversary is more than just another milestone. It marks the launch of our digital-first initiative, part of which will introduce music lovers and audiophiles around the world to expertly curated playlists from the editors of JAZZIZ.

A broad extension of the music subscription service we’ve been offering on CD for over three decades, our JAZZIZ Discover playlists bring new music to our online audience on a weekly basis. They’re already a big hit with customers interested in high-fidelity sound, and our analytics tell us that these customers want the best audio products. We’re eager to introduce your products to them.

Through a marketing partnership with the high-fidelity streaming platform Qobuz — and in conjunction with other streaming services — we’ve created this exclusive AXPONA playlist for your listening pleasure. We’ve also added high-fidelity streaming options to our current library of playlists that you can product demonstrations.

Warmest regards,

Michael Fagien

Listen on: qobuz


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