Alicia Keys uses new technology to ban phones at her shows

R&B songstress Alicia Keys has adopted a strict no-cell phone policy at her concert performances. People attending Keys’ concerts will now be required to place their phones in something called a “Yondr Case,” a small neoprene phone case that locks as concert goers enter the venue. When the concert is over, the patrons will simply tap their phones on a small metal place, which will unlock the case as they leave the venue.


The technology allows the concert-goer to keep their phones in their possessions throughout the performance without the ability to use it. So far, this new technology has been used by such musicians as folk rock band The Lumineers in some of their concerts and comedians Louis C.K. and Dave Chapelle are reportedly planning to use it for some of their upcoming shows.


The “Yondr Case” allows both artists and venues to get around possible lawsuits that may result from confiscating cell phones and the impracticality of banning them completely.


Featured photo by José Goulão.

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