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For more than three decades, the award-winning JAZZIZ Magazine has been covering the music scene, telling the stories behind and beyond the music, alongside some of the most talked about photography, art, and design in the magazine world. JAZZIZ gives people around the globe the look, the listen and the lowdown, what’s hot (and what’s not), in the world of music with insightful editorial, hundreds of reviews and inspired visuals. JAZZIZ covers have been recognized by prestigious organizations including Communication Arts, HOW, and The Society of Illustrators, and for the past 30 years has earned the undisputed authority on jazz and style.

While JAZZIZ is still the best-selling and largest distributed jazz print magazine in the world, its digital subscription base is growing at an exponential pace due to its social, viral, mobile-friendly content presentation and music streaming initiatives.

It’s been said that “JAZZIZ is part of a new jazz culture, a culture it helped create.” As JAZZIZ brings new customers into our ecosystem every day, you can be a part of the exciting and expanding new jazz culture too.

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