Sage Secrets

“Sage Secrets”


The London-based quintet PYJÆN came together while its members were studying at Trinity Laban College. The band built up a following while playing area pubs and were casting about for a group name when serendipity struck. At a coffee shop, a barista badly mangled trumpeter Dylan Jones’ first name, which appeared scrawled on the side of the cup as something resembling PYJÆN. Under that banner, they’ve since released three recordings, including their 2019 self-titled first full album. They’ve followed that release with the new EP Sage Secrets (DeepMatter), which showcases their signature mashup of jazz, funk, electronica and hip-hop, and which sounds at once retro and futuristic. The album’s title track teams the group with the U.K.-based electronica duo Blue Lab Beats, who provide a deep groove for the buoyant melody. Guitarist Dani Diodato flows over the rhythmic propulsion, made all the fatter by bassist Benjamin Crane and drummer Charlie Hutchinson. Trumpeter Jones and saxophonist Ben Vize provide brass punctuation throughout, and a boogaloo-like keyboard solo further adds to the organic jazz feel at the center of this engaging tune.

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