Electric Blue



Bassist Mark Egan and drummer Danny Gottlieb have been playing together for nearly 50 years. First meeting as music students at the University of Miami in 1971, the pair have provided rhythmic propulsion for a multitude of artists, including the Pat Metheny Group, Sting, Gil Evans, Larry Coryell, Joe Beck and Lew Soloff to name a few. Among the most melodic of bassists, Egan has frequently enlisted Gottlieb on albums under his own name, often in a trio or larger ensemble context. However, on their latest release, Electric Blue (Wavetone), the longtime colleagues pare down to a duo, showcasing the remarkable synergy they’ve developed during countless sessions. Egan’s unflashy virtuosity and richness of tone are mesmerizing on tunes such as “Cabarete,” our selection, the bassist displaying an agile elasticity that rivets listeners’ attention. Gottlieb is a creative marvel, embellishing Egan’s lines and ratcheting up the excitement with his scintillating solos. The conversation between these old friends remains as fascinating as ever.

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