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JAZZIZ Magazine is celebrating its 30th Anniversary! Since 1983, JAZZIZ Magazine has been covering the music scene, documenting musical innovations, charting industry trends, following the artists whose lives so colorfully inform our own. The award-winning JAZZIZ Magazine gives you the look, the listen and the lowdown, in print and online, what’s hot (and what’s not) in the world of jazz with insightful editorial, hundreds of CD reviews, and inspired photography and design. Aside from its unparalleled look, each issue of JAZZIZ comes with Limited Edition Collector’s CDs so that you can listen to the music featured in the magazine. JAZZIZ has been called “the voice of a new jazz culture; a culture it helped create,” and over the past 30 years has earned the undisputed authority on jazz and style. JAZZIZ Magazine is your one-stop destination for information and entertainment in the jazz world and is now delivered in print, on disc and on line for members only. Join us today. JAZZIZ—the magazine—the final word on jazz.


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